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Board of Directors

The Ohio County Convention, Tourism, and Visitors Commission consists of seven board members. As of June 2020, members include:

Jim McDaniel; President
Tom McKay, Sr: Vice-President
Sarah Davies; Secretary/Treasurer
Amber DePrez
Larry Lorton
Jackie McAllister
Karrah Miller

Board Meetings

General board meetings are held as needed while we are in the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically they are held each third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism Visitors Center located at 217 N. High Street in Rising Sun.

If you would like to address the tourism board, you may call the Visitors Center (812) 438-4933 or e-mail kendal@enjoyrisingsun.com and be placed on the agenda for the upcoming board meeting.


Kendal Miller; Executive Director; kendal@enjoyrisingsun.com

Visitors Center

217 N. High Street
(812) 438-4933

Summer Hours
The Visitors Center will remain closed throughout 2020. An unmanned Tiny Tourism Center is open most days in our parking lot located at 217 N. High Street. Information is available 24/7 at the tourism kiosk at Rising Star Casino Resort. For additional information e-mail kendal@enjoyrisingsun.com.

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